Dr Skoog has served our family for nearly 20 years. We needed to find a dentist who practiced “Family Dentistry.”
Dr skoog is someone who gives you options and makes you understand what the process will entail. And, from my opinion, he gives the best shot! What I mean is, you never feel any novocaine he is administering into the area he is repairing.
Dr Skoog is what I refer to as a soft tissue sensitive dentist. He and his staff are keenly aware of making sure you are a comfortable patient.
My wife and I are also sensitive, even though we have insurance, you make sure his services are in line with acceptable rates. (My wife is a ” I don’t want to pay too much for his muffler!”
Dr Skoog runs a fantastic practice. It’s only him and his hygienists. It’s a personal practice that makes you feel like you know what you paid for for what happened in your mouth