No matter where it is located in your smile, even a single lost tooth can create problems for your alignment and your oral health. Dr. George Skoog or Dr. Alla Shtilman may suggest using a dental bridge in Palatine, Illinois, to correct this issue and prevent future problems. Call Advocate Dental of Palatine at 847-359-8732 to schedule your visit with our dentists to see if this treatment is right for your smile.

If you are looking for a conservative option for replacing one or more missing teeth, our dentists may recommend a dental bridge. This restoration option is often more affordable than dental implants or a partial denture, but with the proper care, it can last just as long. Dental bridges also offer stability as a fixed restoration that is held in place using two dental crowns. The prosthetic teeth fill the gaps in your smile between said crowns, offering you a uniform, natural-looking smile.

There are many uses for a dental bridge, including:

  • Improving your smile’s appearance by filling in gaps
  • Preventing your remaining original teeth from shifting into the gap
  • Restoring your ability to speak and eat correctly
  • Eliminating the need for removable oral appliances

When you visit our office for a dental bridge, our team will design a personalized restoration that is fit specifically to your mouth, restoring the function and beauty of your smile without compromising comfort. The process of creating and applying your restoration will typically take two visits to our office. These appointments will be completely noninvasive and will help our team restore your full oral health.

If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges and whether a bridge is right for your smile, call our office to schedule your consultation with our skilled dentists. We look forward to enhancing your smile!