Dental Veneers

Do you have one or two teeth that detract from an otherwise attractive smile? Our dentist, Dr. George Skoog, may have the answer. At Advocate Dental of Palatine, we offer dental veneers in Palatine, Illinois, to enhance your appearance. For more information or to plan your visit, call 847-359-8732 and speak with a member of our team.

Are one or more your teeth the wrong size? The wrong color? Are you embarrassed by chips or cracks? If so, it may be a good idea to talk with our dentists about how dental veneers may be able to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Dental veneers are thin porcelain or resin shells that are placed on the front of your teeth. They can be used to:

  • Conceal cracks or chips
  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Correct spacing or size problems
  • Whiten discolored teeth

Our dentists will remove the enamel from the front of your tooth and then take an impression from which your veneer will be made. When it is ready, the veneer will be held in place with dental bonding material. Your veneer will be stain-resistant and have a color and translucence that can match or improve your smile.

Dental veneers can be used to improve the appearance of a single tooth or your entire smile. And when properly cared for, they can last up to 10 years before they need to be replaced. If you are ready to get started on a smile you can be proud to show off, call our office for your appointment with our dentists.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Prasad has really changed the way I feel about going to the Dentist. You are always making sure that I am comfortable. I went years without going to the Dentist when I was younger, and you definitely made me comfortable. You are kind and have great chair side manners. I even recommended my mom, my husband, and my kids. Keep doing what you are doing!

I have major anxiety about coming to dental visits. Dr. Prasad has been the only Dentist that puts me at ease. She is very patient and listens to her clients. Highly recommend!

I have been seeing Dr. Prasad for 15+ years and I’ve never been disappointed with the service or professionalism. I actually enjoy coming to see her. My wife has been a patient for 15+ years as well. Definitely my favorite Dentist Ever!!