Soft tissue grafting, often referred to as a gum graft, is a procedure involving the graft of gum tissue to correct the recession of gum tissue or to improve a crooked gumline. If certain areas of your smile lack more gum tissue than others do, we can provide you with a graft using gum tissue taken from a surrounding area or the roof of your mouth. Depending on your needs, we may recommend tissue from a “tissue bank” in order to remove the risk for disease transmission or potential graft rejections.

Excessive gum recession can often be caused by chronic inflammations from plaque buildup or harsh tooth brushing habits. If not treated early enough, your gum recession may advance to the point where a lack of gum tissue weakens your smile and causes tooth loss. As you meet with our dentists, we can examine your smile and help determine which type of treatment is best suited to address the cause of your gum recession and repair your smile. A gum graft also offers several cosmetic benefits to improve the aesthetics of your gumline and smile.

To learn more about soft tissue grafting, contact our team today and set up a visit with our office. We look forward to hearing from you!